Best Matchmaking Practices for Attendees

There are different types of events with networking as a major thrust. Some of these events, such as a hosted buyer event, require that attendees are paired via a matchmaking solution. If you are looking for solutions such as a 1-2-1 meeting scheduler, you should know some tips that will help you organize the event better.

Here are some guidelines you can follow to make sure that everything flows smoothly before your event:

1.) Use a software.

An event scheduling software or a matchmaking software is your best bet to organize the agenda of your attendees. A software automates all processes in setting meetings and would allow your attendees to take part in the process themselves. Contrary to you just setting meetings between people found in the attendee list, modern solutions would now let your attendees choose who they want to set meetings with while letting the other parties confirm them first.

2.) Set different time slots.

If you are organizing a networking event, you should already set the different time slots that are designated for one-on-one meetings. Are you going to let attendees do meetings for one full day? Or is this something that can only be done for a few hours after the main event agenda is over? You should plan things smartly in advance.

3.) Name tables or stands.

If the networking event is to be held in designated tables or stands, make sure to specify them according to company name. If a stand is supposed to be manned by people from a company called “We Are Events,” make sure that attendees will be able to find their stand name as they schedule meetings via the matchmaking solution. Attendees will also know where to go on the day of the event using the event checkin software.

4.) Make sure that all attendees have booked at least one meeting.

Last but not the least, make sure to encourage your attendees to book at least one meeting for the networking event. What happens in most instances is that once the event organizer has already opened the matchmaking platform to everyone, many people just disregard the instructions and wait until the last minute to book meetings. By then, some time slots that they would have preferred may have already been booked.

Tell your attendees what the benefits are to network during your events. These types of events should not be taken for granted since they help attendees generate leads, contacts, and even partners.

To find out about another solution that’s designed specifically for the onsite check-in process, read more about the event check in app.