How Integration between an Event App and Event Platform Works

If you want to provide an event app to your attendees, you should be concerned with the way its contents are managed. For this reason, many event organizers look for software that allows data integration for different platforms via the cloud (online).

The event management software is one of your best bets to look for data integration of some sort between the event app and the event platform or website. Through an all-in-one software that has a single Content Management System (CMS), you can easily manage the content of all associated platforms straight from the software dashboard.

Here are some content areas which may share data through the CMS of a software:

1.) Attendees

The main advantage of using an event registration software is that all attendee data can be synced to the event app. This means that confirmed attendees who register via the website can also log in to the app using the same email address and password. If you permit it, attendees can see who else are coming to the event straight from the app. They can view user profiles which would be very helpful for a networking event.

2.) Speakers

In your event website, you may have already set up who the speakers are for your event. Through data integration, all speaker data will be synced to the event app as well. This way, attendees can check which speakers are coming to your event. If your app provider has developed a special feature, your attendees can view presentations and handouts straight from the app even before your event has started. Moreover, attendees can rate speakers after their session to give you an idea if they have enjoyed their experience or not.

3.) Agenda

The event agenda is another tab that your attendees can enjoy straight from the app. They will be able to see the different sessions and streams scheduled during your event. They can also favourite sessions and take notes for each. This is a very helpful feature if you would want your attendees to put down in writing any learning and insights that they have gathered from a session.

4.) Chat

Last but not the least, the online event management system can help your attendees continue to keep in touch with other attendees whom they have messaged via the website. The chat system can be integrated so that conversations are accessible anytime in the web. It’s like a ‘Messenger’ feature that’s specifically designed for your event.