A Cost-Effective Way to Register Attendees Online

If you are an event organizer, you should be looking for cost-effective ways to register attendees online such as with the use of an event registration software. Event technology is the best way to go about this route. However, while an onsite registration platform may sound like a commodity, there are still some companies who exploit event organizers through their software pricing though. It is therefore important that you know how to choose a cost-effective provider.

Here are three ways to register your attendees online at a low cost:

1.) Look for a company that sets the price right.

Firstly, an online registration software that is priced competitively is what you should be aiming to look for. To help you in this regard, you can go to B2B software directories like Capterra to guide you in finding cost-effective solutions at your disposal. Whilst looking through your different choices, make sure to study user reviews left for the software. Were previous users satisfied with the software? How does it fit your needs, exactly?

2.) Be careful with fees set by the payment gateway provider.

Let’s assume that you have already found a software provider for online event registration. The next thing you should try to find out is which payment gateway can be integrated with the solution. Are your attendees going to pay via PayPal or Stripe? These payment gateway providers charge different fees, so you should do research beforehand.

3.) There’s no such thing as free service.

Last but not the least, it is important that you remind yourself that there’s really no way for you to find free service unless you participate in special promos such as free service for non-profits and educational organizations. Still, while the service fee may be completely discounted from your bill, you will still have to pay for other services like payment gateway fees, customer support, etc. So if you are looking for a completely free solution, just remember that you will end up paying one way or another.

It would all go down to the quality of service that you are getting from the software provider. You should look for a company that offers competitive pricing while at the same time being very efficient in terms of usability and features.

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